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The Daily Mustang, May 24, 2023
Posted 5/23/23

Dismissal Times:  5/24:  11:56 AM, 5/25:  1:44 PM, 5/26:  11:56 AM…Please make your transportation arrangement in advance.  Office and library will close at 2:00 PM on Wednesday and Friday.  No school on Monday, May 29th…Memorial Day.


Today, Wednesday, May 24 we have an early release.  We will be released at 11:56 AM.  Remember Mustangs are not allowed to visit other campuses when you are released early.  This is disruptive to other schools and you may receive consequences for this.  Office and library will close at 2:00 PM


Flextime:  Please sign up for the last Flextime on Tuesday, May 30th


Boys Volleyball Team:  Please return your jersey’s to the office.


8th graders interested in playing football….The football date has changed to June 12th! 8th graders interested in playing football at the high school, summer practices will now start on June 12th at 2:45pm in front of the weight room!


Hello 7th graders, are you interested in being a T.A? Please pick up a T.A form in the front office. Make sure you get it signed by your parent/guardian and teacher who would like to TA for. Once completed please give it to your teacher who will turn it in for you. We will only be accepting forms turned in by your teacher!


Students :  If you are running for office for next year for either Washington OR Centerville, campaign posters may be hung ONLY on the back of the F-wing wall.  Maximum size is 3 ft by 3 ft.  Please use blue painters tape to hang your poster.  And please remember, we use only positive campaign messages.  Posters can stay up all week. Voting will take place on Friday, 5/26.  Good luck to all candidates...we are very proud of you for trying!


Hey 8th Grade Mustangs! The 8th Grade BBQ is coming up on Thursday, May 25th from 3-4:30pm. There will be FREE food, drinks, music, inflatables, and field don't want to miss out! If you didn't get a chance to pick up a permission slip waiver form last week, you can pick one up from the front office this week. Hint; look for the colored paper. You must have a SIGNED form and your student ID to enter the event. We hope to see you there!! 

Please note; any students restricted from attending this event will not be allowed to enter the BBQ. 




All students:  The restricted list is the list of students who will not be eligible to participate in all or some of the year end activities.  How do you get on the restricted list?  Any student who is tardy or is assigned lunch and/or after school detention eight or more times, receives more than three RC or discipline referrals to the assistant principal or is suspended in the RC or off campus for partial or full day, during the 4th quarter will be placed on the restricted list.  If you have any questions, Ms Grimmer would be happy to speak with you.